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Who we are

Now boasting a fifth generation of butchers, our family owned and operated retail, wholesale and catering operation certainly has a proven track record.

The Edmonds family has great pride in the knowledge that we have played an integral part in the provision of high quality meat, poultry and small goods to the north’s most discerning families and have been doing so since 1958.

From our existing, centrally located and convenient location (since 1991) our family of dedicated butchers also boast a fully established retail showroom and a processing plant ensuring all meats have the finest cut and are always offered fresh to the public and commercially.

From this Cairns processing plant our team of professionals can store, bone, slice/dice, cut and cure the freshest meat along with the best sausage making machinery covering all the traditional style sausages, which are perfect for that family BBQ right up to the finest gourmet sausages directed to the chef in the family.

Service is paramount at Cairns Bulk Meats and with up to 26 staff members, which does include 5 apprentices your never too far away from a smiling face offering the best service imaginable for any of your fresh meat requirements.

Cairns Bulk Meats adopt the strictest of all hygiene standards. A comprehensive work place health and safety program is fully implemented and we provide a fully comprehensive training program to all personnel. Our apprentices are, on completion, fully trained displaying the highest competency skills and are much sought after both here locally and globally as well.

At Cairns Bulk Meats we remain totally focused on our core business. We don’t own farms, but, we do source our meats from Australia’s most respected producers. Our King Reef Beef is considered Victoria’s if not Australia’s finest and we market the product exclusively throughout the North in both retail and a commercial/ catering capacity.


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